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I Do Care When you run multiple websites, work with others developing their own sites, build sites for still others and help friends deal with eBay, you find it really helps to have someone who not only knows your business, but knows you. Online today, there is a real need for mentors and coaches.

About a decade ago, I began dabbling in the online world and back then an e-book was far from anything that could be the center of a home business but now I have written six, published nine and am working on my next one right now.

The thing I learned to appreciate most about electronic publishing was the complete lack of cost in product development and no incremental expenses involved in product duplication. Taking expenses out of the income-minus-expenses = profit equation means selling products that generate 80 to 90% profit. That means you are not locked into maximizing price to sell accumulating surplus revenue.

I got into this position (running a retirement business) after a mixed bag of jobs "working for the man". On a part time basis, I began learning the Webmaster business and got enough experience to take on the job as Webmaster for an internationally known billiards instructor, building two instructional sites for him, and one with Site Build It!

I spend a lot of time and energy trying to make his MS FrontPage site as successful as he wanted, after all, the domain was his name.

I started reading the Masters Courses from SiteSell and that brought Site Build It! to my attention.

That began my association with Ken Evoy and company and my feet haven't touched the ground since.

I built two billiards sites (one a membership site) for myself. My SBI billiard site, www.billiardtips-e-press.com became the home for four e-books on billiards improvement; four sets of billiards practice drill packages and several mini-reports used as incentives for purchasing or signing up for my newsletter.

This whole process has taught me many web marketing techniques that keep the e-goods moving and I am anxious to share.

My latest e-book is, titled "The e-Book Machine, The Secret To Easy Writing".

It should be ready in the next six days. Watch for it right here

Normally, I am available 8am to 5pm working here at my computer and I react to contact forms within the hour.

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