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Best Places To Buy is a constantly growing vault of information, recommendations, warnings and even advertising that can direct you to the right vendors for your buying needs.

It is not totally impartial, some merchants pay us a stipend when you initiate a purchase with them through our website. This is known ans an affiliate commission.

We want you to know about this upfront for a number of reasons:

1. These affiliate commissions help support this website and we don't have to charge you for information we have spent months researching, experiencing, testing and writing about.

2. This is a small marketing expense scale modeling suppliers do not need to build into their product cost. You will find their prices comparative.

3. I have found companies offering affiliate programs tend to be more above board because they are not only reviewed by potential customers but their dealings are also scrutinized by individual affiliates and affiliate organizations.

4. You have two places to take any complaints, the affiliate marketer and the company doing the selling. These companies also tend to have in place excellent customer service.

To provide you with clear direction, we are channeling Best Places To Buy to deal with the major scale modeling categories;model railroading (HO, N and O), Radio Control (Helicopters, planes, cars/trucks, boats/subs.

As much as possible, I intend to make this section dynamic so that links go to available products and not just company names.

If you have a specific product in mind, please bring it tou my attention using the contact form below.

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