Buster-eater Calms Wife's
Modeling Complaints

So exactly what defines a "gentleman modeler"? This is a modeler attuned to his surroundings and one who is considerate of spouses and other family members who may not understand his addiction to miniaturization perfection.

Clint Greenleaf, author of A Gentleman’s Guide to Etiquette, says it is a matter of focus “Most people have been taught or know how to act properly,” he says. Realizing when it’s time to put that knowledge into action is the key.
buster-eater consoles wives Translating etiquette into the world of scale modeling means being sensitive to the feelings of others BEFORE they become the source of complaints.

For example, if you are assembling a plastic model of a warship that needs to be painted grey, what can you do to prevent the noxious spray painting fumes from taking over the home. Too often, our first thought is what is the proper shade of grey.

Or how about sanding the hull of a 32" model ship--how do you prevent the fine sawdust from settling on everything in the home?

While these two offenses probably won't get you into divorce court, they definitely impose upon the lives of others whom you hold close.

The imperfect solution might be a combined "dust buster", "odor eater” or the desktop, down draft buster-eater.

Start with an unused Styrofoam cooler or box sans top. In one wall cut a round evacuation hole just big enough for a pipe, which will fit the opening of a vacuum cleaner hose. Set up a rack to hold your model part to be painted.

Connect the vacuum cleaner (with a new bag) and switch on while you are painting. This won't get all of the fumes so consider setting up in a bathroom that has an air vent and closing the door while painting is in progress.

Use your buster-eater to control sanding dust by gluing weather-stripping to the top of the cooler and to the bottom of a cover you make which is a wood frame that fits the opening. The frame is covered with quarter-inch peg-board.

Connect the vacuum and switch on. You may find it more convenient to do you sanding over the peg-board while the box is on the floor between your legs.

Again, this isn't the perfect solution, but it will go a long way towards keeping your wife happy and your modeling activities indoors when the thermometer is hovering around the freezing mark.

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