Drill Press Clone Eases Piling Placement

In coming up with a system to place dock pilings in a place certain, I needed a method of drilling as many as 81 exact1y placed /16th holes in a master sheet measuring three inches by three inches.

My hands are not terribly steady and accuracy would prove to be a factor to deal with.

I used several guides on my “workbench”, but each one slipped.What I needed was a fulcrum which would swing the drill (my Stylus Dremel tool) in a consistent arc.

I have a roll-around storage drawer stack which has a surface as high as the arms on my chair.

I pinned the basswood master to a piece of left over foam core board which I placed on top and moved the drawer casement directly in front of my chair.

Holding the sylus in my left hand, I placed my elbow on the chair arm and swung the spinning drill bit to a point just above the dot array, centered a dot under the bit and plunged the bit into the basswood.

Crude, yes, perfect, no, expensive, no; effective yes.

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