Mini Helicopter Allows Housebound
RC Flying Experience

The relatively new mini helicopter brings a new meaning to "flying in the soup" when you realize you actually could land one in a soup tureen.

Helicopters keep getting smaller and better! This is the very latest in indoor micro-helicopter technology and its brand new for this year! Made of highly durable materials this helicopter is difficult to destroy. This tiny indoor RC helicopter is completely ready-to-fly with a proportional infrared control system. This tiny marvel will fly for about 10 minutes with a full charge thanks to the integrated lithium-polymer flight battery.

A flashing strobe light adds to the visual effect and the auto-stability system makes it easy to operate. There are NO tethers or strings attached to these helicopters.

This tiny helicopter is balanced to enable the user to take-off, hover, descend and turn left and right. Multiple channels make it possible for 3 people to fly their own helicopters at the same time.
They are proving to be great fun for the entire family. Plus the blades on the helicopter are safe for use right in your very own living room, bedroom, or office. The mini helicopters usually come with an instruction manual which provides hints and tips for new remote control pilots to master this incredible gadget.

Mosquito RC Helicopter

Another popular model is the Mosquito RC Helicopter which comes with its own landing pad charger.

The landing pad charging station introduces an element of challenge to wannabe pilots, being as it is not much greater in diameter than the stretch of the helicopter’s legs. If you can manage to get it hovering in front of your eyes, then you can even see the internals working thanks to the open bodywork.

These miniature helicopters make an economical helicopter flight training vehicle and are quite durable (read forgiving).

The latest RC micro helicopters are designed for beginners with no RC helicopter experience. A majority of RC micro helicopters are boasting a sophisticated auto-stability system that makes the chopper extremely easy to control with the minimum of practice indoors. RC Micro Helicopter typically require minimal setup to start flying. Some units are RTF ( Ready to Fly ) right out of the box. They are made to fly indoors and are great fun to fly around the office or living room!

>Check Out The Mosquito Lair

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