Modular Construction Is N Scale
Structure Money Saving Breakthrough

A friend and customer last week asked me to consider developing a line of cardstock modular buildings as he had an eight-foot section to fill with a town and getting enough standard building kits would mean he would have little time or money available for rolling stock

That was the birth of ClicKitMod and frankly, it was an eye opener. I had heard of modular building components before (there are even a few in N Scale), but they don’t really address the problem of populating a large town or village  and there is little choice when it comes to rail serviceable industries.

My first effort with modular materials is the yet-to-be-named early 50s manufacturing firm.. This 116-window structure is all brick construction with seven base-to-roof pilasters tying it all together.

Once the five modular components were printed out, the assembly process took less than four hours. That’s easily two buildings in an 8-hour day.

This model happens to be a backdrop building (got just the spot for it) but it wouldn’t take much longer to add the fourth wall.

I plan to have a full line of modular building parts available by the end of the week so when you are getting ready to add a building to your layout…ClicKit! Whether you are just getting started or have been building structure kits for years, you will find modulars easier, quicker and less expensive.

You get to design your own structure by mixing and matching in the modular components list. You control height, length and width.

You will find you are only limited by your imagination and the type of layout you are building.

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