Retirement How To Sets Future Course

"Venture nothing,
and life is less than it should be."

Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

Living in a relatively large apartment complex and one of the few in my age group that work at home and despite the fact I am moderately disabled, I find life is far from boring.

I have set myself a goal of learning something new every day and I have found that easy with two Site BuildIt website businesses.

Building a Web site is a great way to relieve stress, learn new things, meet different people, and build new friendships, without leaving the house.

I have learned that by adding to my knowledge of scale modeling for instance, I find many people, often hundreds, are looking for that information and are streaming to

One area that really impacts your job availability is having health issues that interfere with performance as viewed by a personnel manager or almost any manager whose position is above yours in the food chain:

By The Way, How's Your Health?

Are you a seasoned retiree, looking for "more"? Perhaps you're newly retired (sooner than expected?). Or are you merely planning ahead?

Whatever stage you're at, retirement allows you to do life your own way. It's a time of empowerment, redirection, opportunity. It's a time to...

Re-evaluate goals and ambitions
Explore interests
Tap into (under-recognized?) strengths
Invite challenge
Revel in freedom
Enjoy life... your way!

My friend Ken Evoy, president of SiteSell, my favorite business ally put it this way:

"Retirement" no longer means to "retire" from the working world and disappear to inactivity. Instead, mount a brand new set of tires ("re-tire" -- excuse the pun!) and drive. The "who-what-when-why-how" of retirement is changing so quickly, it will soon be known by a new term... "post-rat-race."

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