Ship's Movie Marquee Guides Film Research

There is an entire sub-culture out there that specializes in researching movies for one group or another on topics ranging from wardrobes to space ship models and from horse and cow props to ships rigging.

The rising popularlity of "finding it online" has brought these researchers a hefty tool for finding the unique, the unusual and the uncanny.

Add to that the ability to view just about any piece of film ever shot -- There's never been a better time to get movies online -- as long as you're paying NetFlix, Amazon or some other company to ship a DVD to you. If you want to download the movie, however, you're going to be frustrated by the amount of time it takes if you are still operating with dial-up technology.

You also have the ability to purchase movies instead of just renting them. The two major sites, Movielink (owned by most of the major studios) and CinemaNow, added this option and you can bet others won't be far behind.

So if you hanker to do some next-to-hands-on research for your latest scalemodel project you don't have to wait until it shows up on the local movie marguee, bring it directly to your home, your TV or your computer.

Master and Commander Giving up on sequel
Titanic 2012
Reeks Diorama
To Be Announced Still In Production
Mutiny On The Bounty A must for ship modelers
Horatio Hornblower Series Article In the works
Pirates of the Caribbean Series Offers vintage ship photos

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