Aging Brass Cannons

by Danny Featherbe
(Folkestone Kent)

Before and after blackening process

Before and after blackening process

I need to age the look of the new brass cannons,I have tried the brown polish method and unless I have the wrong liquid brown polish,this this method doesn't work can advise.

SMH RespondsI have only used two methods to age brass which offered any success. One is painting which gets kind of klutzy as it tends to increase the size of the anchor.

The preferred method is to darken the cannons with an acidic solution.

Start with clean brass and make a solution of muriatic acid diluted 50 percent with water placed in plastic container.

You want to be careful with this stuff, it is an acid and can burn your skin. Rubber gloves would be a help.

muriatic acid diluted 50 percent with water and place in plastic container.

Place your cannons in the solution making sure they are covered. Use a wooden stick, a skewer works great, to move the cannon in the acid to assure full coverage. Leave them in the solution for up to 15 minutes or until blackened to your desire.

For more details read
In depth blacking instructions

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Feb 02, 2012
Muriatic acid NEW
by: Danny

Have tried 4 hardware shops for Muriatic acid but to no avail and as there are no more H/W shops in town I need to order a small amount on line .Would this be possible, if so how ?

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