Blue Arizona?

I just got the new 1:200 Arizona model and was surprized when they called for "Navy Blue" for the principal color. I "assumed" is was "battleship gray." I've been digging around for the color - you'd think it would be known! - and came across your example and discussion of the controversy. Thanks for the insight.

SMH Responds: Believe me, I had the same reaction until I researched it further. Here is the article you referred to:

By the way, after visiting Hawaii, you come away with some different frames of reference. For instance, the shot of the USS Missouri in the opening of Hawaii 5.0 further tests the controvercy, after all, she is fitted out in batgleship gray just as I remember.

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Oct 29, 2015
ship NEW
by: Essay helper

What a fun is to construct battle ship! Observing my husband, I can tell it for sure!

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