Needing Gift Help With Slot Car Set

by Jeff

We picked up 2 Majorette TCR tracks from a used store a week ago. We thought they would be great Christmas gifts for my son and nephew as we are on a very tight budget(both lost our jobs).

We came home and opened them to make sure everything was there but there are no cars and 3 track pieces are missing. We have looked online like crazy and found majorette number in Oakville but we get no answer when we call and not even an answering machine.

We are not sure the scale size but a guy at a local hobby shop says he thinks it's HO 1/87. Do you have any ideas on where we could get these items before Christmas? I hope you can help we don't know what to do.
SMH Responds:

This SMH site visitor’s question the other day took me back in time to when I was a “young squirt” of 46 introducing my son to the world of Slot Car racing. It was like the “Blind Teaching the Blind”, but we had a lot of fun along the way.

I too had picked up a used set and like the question poser, was unaware there were missing track pieces and a missing car (kind of hard for two to race one car) and there were not many resources like eBay (1,000s of slot items) or websites specializing in slot car racing (come to think of it, there weren’t any websites) on the brand new Internet.

It was a pleasure to research this question for Jeff, it brought back many fond memories and actually set in motion an article series on slot car racing which I hope is ready for the new comers Christmas morning.

Meanwhile, I referred Jeff to a website specializing in HO slot car racing slot car central

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