Titanic Looters Ready To Strip Undersea Wreck

It has taken a century, but greed will have its way, even if it is two-and-a-half miles down in the Atlantic Ocean.

Yup, The Titanic has become a Black Market treasure trove and they are standing in line to strip the remains from the bones (could be more real than metaphor) as tourists and salvage operators make their way to the site of the sinking.

Bob Ballard who discovered the wreckage 35 years ago has a special coming up May 2 entitled “Save The Titanic” on National Geographic.

Since co-discovering the resting place of the Titanic in 1985, Dr. Bob Ballard has watched as numerous visits - scientific, tourist, and salvage - appear to be 'loving her to death.'

As part of his mission to protect the wreck, Ballard enlists the descendants of the Guarantee Group - an elite few chosen from the Titanic's Belfast builders to sail on her maiden voyage.

In this moving documentary, with the help of these relatives, Ballard hopes to return Titanic to its rightful place as a watery grave for her 1,500 victims.

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